Design and UX process

An ongoing project with the MBDM group on their luxury car booking service Strauhse. This is my design process helping the team recreate their web app.


Strauhse brought me on as their UI/UX designer to help improve booking conversions and increase the types of use cases they could serve. They also wanted to create a feeling of client to driver relationship by focusing on how driver's use their web app and interactions with their clients.


Strauhse is an existing web app for booking luxury concierge car services in the Atlanta area. The group was having issues with users moving through the home page of the site as well as focusing services on the drivers side. They decided to redesign the UI and user experience of the entire website.


UI/UX Designer


  • Sketch (High Fidelity Visual Design and Wireframe)
  • Invision (Interactive Prototype)
  • Gliffy (User flow mapping)


Existing Site


Strauhse's existing site was already being used by automotive businesses and users to engage in the booking of luxury vehicles. From this I already had some feedback and well understood use cases to work with.

I began reviewing use cases for Strauhse in order to understand what features were needed to solve user's goals. These were formalized into user personas that would help shape the UI design of the website, and focus on key features.

User Issues:

  • User's are unsure from the landing page what services Strauhse provides
  • Driver's cant immediately access dashboard to see their services
  • Home page confuses users with the amount of features listed, users cant immediately book from the home screen
  • Driver's need a more detailed dashboard in order to see schedule of rides and more info about their clients


To get an idea of what features would be essential for Strauhse, I did some comparative/competitive research of companies that are similar to Strauhse. The companies included: Uber, Lyft, Userv, and MyTaxi.

I analyzed the different features that were provided by each company on both mobile and web apps, and determined what were the MVPs (minimal viable products) that were essential for each brand. Most of the companies had similar features and services they provided, but I was able to determine where Strauhse differentiated themselves in the luxury, and client-driver relationship aspect of the service.

Green= Service offered             Yellow= Service limited               Red= Service not provided


After understanding what users appreciated, as well as deficiencies that were existing in current product, I focused on the main painpoints needed to solve in order to create a better user experience for Strauhse.


Users are unsure what they are booking on the homepage, there is simply a "BOOK" button but no description of the services. There is a list of services near the bottom of the page that is not presented efficiently and overwhelms users.


Current website does not provide an intuitive dashboard for drivers. The main goal of Strauhse is to provide a driver-client relationship. The ability to communicate and view details about users is critical for Strauhse to grow their driver community


The current design of the website does display its most important use case, which is luxury booking. The personas and use cases formalized show Strauhse's main user base are professionals and users seeking a luxury experience. The redesigned UI experience needs to emphasize this in color, typography and images to be selected.


Once I understood the pain points and deficiencies in the current web app I put together a user flow as a way to organize how users would move through the newly designed Strauhse app. Getting a clear understanding of where the Strauhse features would be organized in the website would help when I move onto the UI redesign portion. The main focus of this use flow is for the user to log onto the website, and to book the Black Car service.





Step by step I began the redesign of the UI for Strauhse. I first focused on the landing page and displaying the main use case of the site which is the "Black Car" offering. User's can immediately book from the front page, but will be first prompted to sign in.

Once the user is signed in they will see a dashboard that is specifically customized to their interested. They can see offerings of events near by as well as the nearest airport pick up. The imagery, color palette, and typography display a feeling of professionalism and luxury which is the targeted users.


Another large component of the Strauhse experience is the driver dashboard. Strauhse is unique from other ride sharing apps because driver and clients can favorite each other and ride with each other in the future. This means drivers need a way to interact with their clients and keep a schedule of their future bookings. Viewing their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings is another integral part of the experience to keep drivers dedicated and motivated by Strauhse.

Final Prototype

Click below to interact with the final prototype on Invision

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