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Currently a Product Designer with 6 years of  experience in UX/UI. I was a scientist initially in my career with a strong background in research and development to help find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Working with various teams and projects have equipped me with an understanding of how empathy, collaboration, and thorough research and design can develop products that can make a deep impact.  My experience and talents of research, analysis, and design have led to the creation of powerful user experience.

I strongly believe that creating a strong user experience has the ability to improve user's lives, as well as influence and connect the world through digital interfaces of all kinds.

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When I'm not on behind my computer you can find me exploring! There is so much to learn from the world I have made it a goal to see as much as possible, and have been to 25 countries and counting. My favorite ways to experience them is through photography and camping. I've conquered my fear of heights and have become an avid rock climber, but I still can't seem to escape my computer and will often times find myself online gaming.

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