Martha Costa

Product/UX Designer


Remote: San Diego, CA / Barcelona, Spain


Scientist turned UX designer who is compelled by research, analysis, and the iterative process to help improve the user experience of any product.  Eager and motivated to contribute my diverse background, training, and professional experience in UX design to a driven company and project.

UX Principles
UI design



Research Everything

Taking time to understand users and investigating from all angles, I help inform my design decisions to create a better digital experience for users and business alike.

Design Everything

Harnessing my knowledge and competency with various design tools, I can diversify and create an elegant solution to any design problem with proper design heuristics and current trends in mind.

Find Solutions

Through research and testing, I firmly believe that the best solutions will be discovered to meet users goals efficiently and effectively. Constantly challenging and iterating will allow for the best solutions to be found.

Bring to Users

We don't design for ourselves, but for others. Keeping in mind that technology, businesses, and users can seamlessly come together to form an enriching experience, all the while continuing to grow and help each other